Valerie Daugherty

Certified Sports Nutritionist
Sponsored Athlete

I am a 38-year-old mother of 5, fitness professional and competitive athlete.

My passion isn’t just fitness; it’s empowering you to find your STRENGTH!

I have always been a health enthusiast, but I haven’t always been healthy. I’ve been through every phase with my body and fitness – underweight, overweight and pregnant 3 times! From cardio junkie, to not working out for years, I have done it ALL. I don’t spend hours in the gym each day or have good genetics, but I train hard and smart when I’m there. I stay very busy and have 5 children, a two year old, 2 teenage boys and 2 teenage stepdaughters. I own my own business and work part time as well. I am real life proof that you can attain any goal you set your mind to. It starts with a strong mindset, a great support system and the right plan for YOU.

The last 4 years of my life has been an amazing journey that has taught me more lessons and opened doors I never imagined possible. I have always had an interest in fitness but in mid-2012 I decided to step out of my comfort zone and enter my first NPC bikini competition. Up until then I never thought I could get up on a stage, in a bikini and subject myself to being JUDGED!! That seemed like the scariest thing on earth! But I kept thinking about it…

I came across this quote,

“If something scares and excites you at the same time, it is probably a good thing to try.”

My biggest reservation with competing was a fear of not being good enough – a fear of inadequacy that stemmed from the body images and confidence struggles of my past. When I made that decision to train toward a competition, everything changed.

In this journey, I found my strength. When you take control of your health and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you learn how strong you truly are and it inevitably empowers you to take control in all aspects of life.

Then in 2014 we had an unexpected surprise, our beautiful gift from God, Logan was born! I went through a lot of emotions and the first 6 months were hard because of his health. I gave up on my dream of competing again and getting my Pro card because I thought my body would never fully recover at 37 and having a baby. But I kept thinking about it…

So late-2015 I decided to push myself again. I hired a coach and picked a competition to train for. At this point I just wanted to see if I could get back on stage, and I did, actually placing FIRST!

I want to help every woman become strong, in both body and mind. To be comfortable and confident in her own skin and never give up on your dreams!

Please let go of your doubt and fears, step out of your comfort zone and grow with me. I would love to help you reach your goal! You are capable of so much more than you know because limitations truly are self-imposed. Let’s Do This!

You are entirely up to you.

~Valerie Daugherty


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” ~Socrates

“When you set goals anything is possible. If there are doubters prove them wrong, and if YOU are a doubter, PROVE YOURSELF WRONG!” ~Valerie Daugherty

Always remember, you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think & twice as BEAUTIFUL as you’d ever IMAGINED.

I have learned I can only be useful to other people when I’m strong and taking care of myself. Take time to work on you, then you will be able to give your best to those around you. ~Valerie Daugherty

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