Better Bodies 2 Go Custom Meal & Training Package


This one-time custom program is recommended for people who are looking for a customized meal plan and training package.


Custom Meal Plan
Weigh your food to be successful!

The Custom Meal Plan is a daily breakdown of 5-6 meals with multiple options. A grocery list is provided that you may swap choices from your original meal plan. Your meal plan breaks your diet into categories of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vegetables. You will need to buy a food scale and weigh your food to be successful. When you purchase a meal plan and are consistent along with being active you will see results.

Custom Training Plan
A Goal-Oriented Training Plan!

The Custom Training Plan will be customized depending on your goals, lifestyle and fitness level. We take into account how many days you can make it to the gym, age, gender, any injuries, etc. Custom plans are designed based on the information you provide us in the questionnaire.

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